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Cloud Consulting

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Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

What differentiates Digital Planet from all other Cloud Providers is our Consultative led approach to Cloud adoption. For clients interested in a Cloud solution, the first step with Digital Planet is to invite you to visit us to discuss your requirements with our Cloud Consulting team. This often leads to a whiteboard session where we will design your required solution and tease out the specific issues and benefits and any pitfalls we identify with respect to application performance in a Cloud environment.

Our consultants have vast experience in Cloud technology and specifically database and application performance in the Cloud. We never agree a solution with a client without first making sure that all acceptance testing that we see as necessary is completed.

Digital Planet also offers Consulting Services to clients looking to build their own internal private cloud. Many companies are looking at this option and while many consultants understand the theory of the Cloud, Digital Planet is one of the few companies in this sector who have successfully built and delivered Enterprise Cloud solutions.

We want you to succeed. Digital Planet places a specific emphasis on the design of your solution. This is an area that other Cloud providers overlook. The majority of IT Systems are Cloud ready. But being Cloud ready does not mean that any standard Cloud offering will suit your requirements. At Digital Planet, we design our solutions and tailor them for your specific requirements. We work with our customers to understand their business and IT requirements and design our solutions to deliver maximum performance at the lowest cost possible. Our team will also analyse the results of your environment once it goes live to ensure that it is performing to the exacting standards we expect.