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CloudStore Managed

CloudStore Managed


Fully Monitored and Managed Environment 24x7
We are one of the very few providers who operate a fully manned 24x7 Network Operations Centre to ensure that any issues on your environment are dealt with immediately.
Avail of fully redundant Infrastructure
It is expensive to have fully resilient environments and there is always a trade-off between costs and resilience. With the Managed Cloud Solution, each element of our environment is fully resilient as standard.
Retain full management via self-service portal
Digital Planet are the first Cloud Solutions company to deploy HP’s Matrix system and VMWares V-Cloud Director. Both systems allow you the same control of your environment as you would if your infrastructure was on site.
Eliminate the requirement for Support Services and Maintenance
Firmware upgrades, maintenance support via 3rd parties, hardware upgrades and unscheduled downtime are all eliminated with our Managed Cloud Solution.
Up to 30% reduction in costs of running your IT Infrastructure
Costs eliminated are power and cooling, datacenter costs, 3rd party maintenance, capital infrastructure costs, downtime due to lack of resilience, internal maintenance and upgrades. Systems Architects available to advise on best solution. Not to be overlooked, each enterprise customer has access to a highly skilled team of solution architects to advise on future and current requirements.

Welocalize Case Study

Welocalize provides next-generation translation supply chain management that delivers market-ready, translated content at an optimized and agreed quality, cost and time to market. Welocalize support organizations throughout the entire global content lifecycle, from authoring and product development, translation and quality assurance, to market validation.

Problem to be solved.

Traditionally public facing systems were managed inhouse, putting pressure on both the technology team and the investment in infrastructure to ensure high availability of these systems.

What was the customer looking for?

Welocalize IT were looking for an exceptionally high quality infrastructure on which to implement and host customer facing systems.

Why was Digital Planet selected?

Welocalize had a high degree of confidence in Evros/Digital Planet based on numerous successful projects in the past. Welocalize are of the opinion that Evros/Digital Planet continue to retain above average consultants and staff, invest heavily in infrastructure, offer a broad range of services, and provide an excellent experience from planning right through to purchase and systems implementation.

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  • We no longer invest large amounts of time deploying, managing and monitoring critical customer facing systems. Now we can strategically deploy resources to core internal projects

    Derek Coffey, VP Technology and Professional Services


Technical Details

Security is the primary concern at Digital Planet and our environment has been designed to provide you with complete peace of mind by offering the highest levels of security.

We have implemented our design with security technology from the leading vendors in this area including Cisco, CheckPoint, Juniper and F5.

Our design guarantees that the data, servers or network traffic of one customer never come into contact with those of another;

  • each customer’s data resides in a separate virtual domain, which is only available to them
  • each customer is assigned a dedicated set of VLANs to connect their virtual servers
  • each customer’s network is secured by a dedicated firewall, configured solely to maximise security in their network.

In addition to building our infrastructure to the highest standards of security, we help ensure our customers’ environments are deployed with the most appropriate security practices to meet their needs.

vCloud Powered VCloud Director is the most advanced self-service portal for cloud environments available on the market, allowing customer deployment and management of cloud environments through an intuitive web-based console. Digital Planet were the first to implement this solution in Ireland more than two years ago and are still the largest and fastest growing provider in the country, achieving the vCloud Powered status earlier this.

The Digital Planet Managed Cloud solution is delivered from our Enterprise Infrastructure Platform. It is based on a combination of leading HP and VMware solutions as follows:

HP Bladesystem Matrix HP’s flagship converged infrastructure platform, and combines HP’s industry leading server and storage products with HP’s management software. Digital Planet is the first Irish Cloud services provider to implement this powerful package to bring local customers the highest levels of service available today.

Our infrastructure also deploys other leading technologies from providers such as Cisco, Juniper, F5 & CheckPoint.

HP 3PAR Storage Systems specifically designed to deliver the levels of agility and efficiency to underpin cloud computing environments.

HP BladeSystem Servers the market-leading blade server infrastructure on for data centres, HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades minimise energy and space requirements and increase administrative productivity through advantages in I/O virtualisation, powering and cooling, and manageability.

VMware vSphere As the leading virtualisation platform for industry-standard servers, VMware vSphere helps us offer cost effective and flexible services by delivering a robust, agile and secure environment.