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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


Fully Managed 24x7
Manned 24x7 NOC monitoring your DR solution & SLAs. Each DR job is checked on a daily basis to ensure it ran successfully. Sample restores on a quarterly basis.
Data Encryption
Replication is configured to utilise 2048 bit SSL tunnels for transport to the datacentre.
Bandwidth Optimisation
Our DR service utilises a 'forever incremental' mentality, ensuring only the minimum amount of your bandwith is utilised, while server images and data are always easily available for recovery
Multiple Recovery Points
Multiple point in time recovery points ensure that you can recover to systems to a stable state.
Safe in our hands
All data is encrypted and deduplicated before being transmitted back to our datacentre. Our DR solutions are application aware and all DR jobs are checked for integrity to ensure that even in the event of a serious disaster, your data will still be there waiting for you.
How it Works

Questions to Ask your On Line Provider

Handing responsibility to your On Line Provider: When making this very important decision you should consider these key questions to give you the confidence that your backed up data will be available when you need it.
Where is your data stored?
It is important that it is stored away from your office, so even if your office is destroyed, your data will still be safe. It is also critical that it is stored in a highly secure facility.
How is your data protected?
Is it encrypted or in some way secured from outside parties finding or stealing the data.
How will you back it up?
Ensure you have the capacity and/or bandwidth for backing up all relevant data each night.
How will you recover it?
If you use an online DR provider and you need to invoke DR, will you have to wait hours or even days for your systems to be availablet?
How do you know your data is successfully replicating?
Whichever way you protect your data, the integrity of the solution should be tested through regular test restores to ensure the solution is correctly functioning. You need to know your SLAs are being delivered.

McDowell Purcell

mcdowell purcell
McDowell Purcell is a growing corporate law firm. They provide their clients with a full range of business legal services through our corporate, employment, litigation and dispute resolution, banking, property, regulatory and private client departments. McDowell Purcell delivers a commercially focused, efficient legal service tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Problem to be solved.

Growth of the business corresponded in growth of data which quickly out-grew traditional tape backup solutions. Furthermore it became apparent that an offsite copy of the data was required, effectively doubling tape usage. The Online DR system allowed them to limit their tape storage to quarterly archival data only, in return giving them both a local backup solution and an offsite cloud DR solution.

What was the customer looking for?

The customer was looking to reduce their reliance on outdated tape solutions with a more modern online solution, while also ensuring the highest security of their data. Furthermore they were looking for an Disaster Recovery solution which would allow them to recover and continue working with the minimal amount of disruption to their business.

What was the customer looking for?

MDP recognized DigitalPlanet’s successful track history in providing Online backup and DR solutions to some of Ireland’s largest organisations and industry leading companies. This coupled with the unification of a backup and DR solution, with the ability to run their systems from DigitalPlanet’s managed cloud made DigitalPlanet not just the obvious choice, but the only professional choice for McDowellPurcell.

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  • We have been provided with the highest level of customer support and sense of security from day one. Any issues have been addressed in a professional, pro-active manner.

Technical Details

Whether physical or virtual, large or small, we have a solution backed by proven technology for your needs.

VMware vSphere
We leverage the leading virtualsiation technology to ensure ligntining fast restores of your protected servers. There is no delaying in sourcing and restoring to physical servers, we directly provision and export your servers into a virtual environment to ensure your data is available when you need it.

Security is the primary concern at Digital Planet and our environment has been designed to provide you with complete peace of mind by offering the highest levels of security. In the case of DR when your are using our cloud you have no fear of data leak.

We have implemented our design with security technology from the leading vendors in this area including Cisco, CheckPoint, Juniper and F5..

Our design guarantees that the data, servers or network traffic of one customer never come into contact with those of another;

  • each customer’s data resides in a separate virtual domain, only available to them
  • each customer’s network is secured by a dedicated firewall, configured solely to maximise security in their network.

vCloud Powered
vCloud is the industry leading cloud platform, leveraging this, we can provide you with fast, secure access to your DR server, in an isolated, secure environment.

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.

When designing our solution we work closely with you to configure realistic and acheviable RTO's and RPO's to best protect your data while minimising your bandwith usage and impact on production systems. With the ability to run near instant restores on local copies of data and extremely fast DR failover into the cloud you can be assured we can more than meet your needs.

VEEAM Technology
VEEAM is the leading industry provider in virtual environment backups. Allowing for fast restore from both a local and cloud point of view ensuring that your data can be recovered, or your servers restored with the minimum of delay. VEEAM is platform neutral, meaning regardless of your Hypervisor we can restore to our cloud. Regardless of the VM OS, we can protect it.

Appassure Technology
Appassure is a leading physical DR solution. Appassure is the winner of numerous industry awards including Best High-Availability/Disaster-Recovery Product and Best Backup Software Product. Appassure allows us to protect your physical environment and replicate it to our cloud, where data or servers can be easily restored. Appassure is platform neutral and can be used to rebuild protected servers into a VMware or Hyper-V environment or even onto hardware different to the original server.

93% of companies that lost their servers for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington).

Brian Larkin

Operations Director, Digital Planet

Brian has spent the past 15 years working in the IT Industry in various guises. After qualifying with a degree in Accounting & Finance from DCU in 1990, Brian joined Deloitte as an Audit Consultant and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994. After a number of senior finance roles, Brian joined Compaq in 1998 as Finance Manager. He moved through the organisation and finished up as Country Sales Manager for HP’s Personal Systems Group. Brian joined Hibernia Services Ltd in January 2005 as General Manager and has been instrumental to driving the growth of Hibernia Evros over the past 8 years. He is currently Group Operations Director and responsible for driving the Digital Planet Cloud business.

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