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Online Backup

Online Backup

Benefits of Online Backup

Fully Managed 24x7
Manned Datacentre monitoring your Data Back Ups. Each Back Up is checked on a daily basis to ensure it ran successfully. Sample restores on a quarterly basis.
Data Encryption
Backups are configured to use military levels of data encryption as well as utilise SSL tunnels for secure transport to the data centre.
2 x Tier 4 Irish Datacentres
Data is replicated between two high-security data-centres in Dublin, ensuring your data is always protected and available even in the event of a major disaster.
Bandwidth Optimisation
Our backup service provides a mixture of full, incremental & differential backups of data to ensure that minimum bandwidth is used, while data is always easily available for restore, without a requirement for a large number of recovery files.
Standard Retention for online backups
Each Days backup for 30 days plus One backup from the end of each of the previous 3 months
Safe in our hands
All data is encrypted and compressed before being transmitted back to our data centre. From here, it is checked for integrity and then replicated to our second data centre site to ensure that even in the event of a serious disaster, your data will still be there waiting for you.
How it Works

Questions to Ask your On Line Provider

Handing responsibility to your On Line Provider: When making this very important decision you should consider these key questions to give you the confidence that your backed up data will be available when you need it.
Where is your data stored?
It is important that it is stored away from your office, so even if your office is destroyed, your data will still be safe.
How is your data protected?
Is it encrypted or in some way secured from outside parties finding or stealing the data.
How will you back it up?
Ensure you have the capacity and/or bandwidth for backing up all relevant data each night.
How will you recover it?
If you use an online backup provider and you need a full recovery, will you have to wait hours or even days for several hundred GB to download over the internet?
How do you know your data is successfully backing up?
Whichever way you back up data, the integrity of backups should be tested through regular test restores to ensure the backup is correctly functioning. It is not sufficient to rely on reports that tell you that backups are successful.

McDowell Purcell Case Study

McDowell Purcell is a growing corporate law firm. They provide their clients with a full range of business legal services through our corporate, employment, litigation and dispute resolution, banking, property, regulatory and private client departments. McDowell Purcell delivers a commercially focused, efficient legal service tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Problem to be solved.

Growth of the business corresponded in growth of data which quickly out-grew traditional tape backup solutions. Furthermore it became apparent that an offsite copy of the data was required, effectively doubling tape usage. The Online DR system allowed them to limit their tape storage to quarterly archival data only, in return giving them both a local backup solution and an offsite cloud DR solution.

What was the customer looking for?

The customer was looking to reduce their reliance on outdated tape solutions with a more modern online solution, while also ensuring the highest security of their data. Furthermore they were looking for an Disaster Recovery solution which would allow them to recover and continue working with the minimal amount of disruption to their business.

What was the customer looking for?

MDP recognized DigitalPlanet’s successful track history in providing Online backup and DR solutions to some of Ireland’s largest organisations and industry leading companies. This coupled with the unification of a backup and DR solution, with the ability to run their systems from DigitalPlanet’s managed cloud made DigitalPlanet not just the obvious choice, but the only professional choice for McDowellPurcell.

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Technical Details

Digital Planet Online Backup Server
Using our rebranded software, Digital Planet utilises ISP grade backup technology which is capable of meeting every requirement: from small business needs to enterprise scale protection.

Security as always is a priority and your backups data is encrypted with a custom encryption key, utilising AES 256-bit miliatry level encryption before being securely transported to our fully multi-tenancy environment over a 2056-bit SSL tunnel. You can be assured that your data is always safe and secure, isolated and encrypted.

All backup data is CRC checked for consitency with source data.

Digital Planet Online Backup Manager
Our Online Backup Manager provides an easy to use interface to create, ammend or remove backup jobs and allowing for all expected backup features as well as many advanced features specific to Online Backup technology.

We can backup almost any system from Windows & Linux to Mac

And almost any software:
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Databases
  • Sun Oracle Databases
  • MySQL Databases
  • Hyper-V VM's
  • VMware VM's
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • and more...
Backups can be be stored locally for near immeadite restores or data can be recovered from the cloud as fast as your line can provide.

What differentiates us from other providers?

  • We will setup and manage the solution for you
  • We review your requirements & give honest advice on what will and won’t fit your environment
  • We provide flexible recovery options in the event of disaster
  • We can assist in the provision of replacement hardware following a disaster
  • We will regularly test your replicated servers to ensure consistency.
  • All data is compressed & encrypted before transmission
  • We are available 24/7 in case of data loss disaster or any issue with your Online Backup.

At Digital Planet we provide solutions that are simple to use and yet effective. If the standard offering does not fully meet your requirements, we are happy to have a workshop with you to design a “perfect fit” solution.

Joe Brady

CTO, Digital Planet

Joe is a graduate of TCD and DCU with degrees in ICT, IT Security and Forensics. With 10 years experience in a wide range of technologies, Joe's primary focus is on networking and virtualisation. Joe holds several industry accreditations, including VCP3,4,5 and CCNP. Following several years as technical lead on a number of large IT infrastructure projects for Hibernia Evros, Joe took on the role of technical lead for Digital Planet and has been responsible for the design and implementation of the Digital Planet range of Enterprise Cloud solutions.

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