Anti Virus as a Service

With ransomware outbreaks such as WannaCry and CryptoLocker, it’s now critical to have adequate and early stage protection of your digital assets. Using Symantec Endpoint Protection, Digital Planet provides an unparalleled security across both your physical, virtual, servers or desktops. Keep updated on virus and scan activities and receive real-time outbreak alerts emailed directly to you. Our dedicated Anti-Virus solution supports all major Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and provides multiple layers of protection to maximise business productivity and minimise risk.

Anti Virus as a Service digital planet ireland ‘Leading in endpoint protection platforms in the Gartner magic quadrant report for 15 years’
Anti Virus as a Service

Anti Virus Features

  • Detects threats sooner with real-time reputation and behavioural monitoring technology
  • Smart scheduling technology intelligently scans during the idle periods
  • Correlates tens of billions of links between users, files and websites to identify rapidly mutating masked threats
  • Advanced centralised policy engine, allowing for tailor made protection schemas
  • 24×7 support for connectivity, security and performance issues
  • Advanced reporting features and consolidated monitoring of all servers and alerting of any threats present in the environment
  • 70% of scan overhead is eliminated compared to traditional solutions
  • Per month per server pricing

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