15Jan 2014


Is your data backed up?

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Is your data backed up

With so many providers offering the “most reliable”, “cheapest” and “best service” around, it’s a pretty competitive market, right? In reality it’s not. Online Backup services require minimal capital (less than €1,000) to get up and running as a white label reseller, and I suspect that there are a fair few seat-of-the-pants operations going on. That’s the last place you want your data ending up, or disappearing into as the case may be. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t recognise the name over the door, can’t visit the place your data is going to end up, or can’t find a verifiable case study the company has published and the client can verify – I would suggest you keep on shopping.

Our Approach

If you’ve read this far then perhaps you are interested in reading about what we do here that makes us different.

We don’t sell an Online Backup Service. We design solutions for our clients. What that means is we will be upfront and honest in designing a solution, working with you to figure out what works and more importantly what doesn’t. We take pride in what we do here and we don’t want to sell you a solution that doesn’t work or isn’t right. That wouldn’t work to your benefit from the get go and it won’t work to ours in the long run if something happens or you’re not happy and decide to leave for another provider.

Our services are fully managed. Yes, you will still receive the over complicated reports and questionably sourced pie-charts, but the workload of managing and maintaining the backups sending those reports is handled by us.

We provide flexible recovery options in the event of disaster. Should something happen, it’s important that you get back up and running, as soon as we can. That’s why we have no set-in-stone, contractually bound method of recovery. Every situation is different and should the worst occur we will figure out with you how we can get your data back onto your systems in the best way possible.

We can assist in the provision of replacement hardware following a disaster. Through our hardware partners, or through our Cloud services, should the worst occur, it’s important to have something to recover all your data to. That’s why we offer assistance in getting, not only your data back, but your environment rebuilt.


  • We are ISO 27001 certified (Information Security Management)
  • All data is compressed & encrypted before transmission using 256 bit encryption standards
  • All communication to our servers takes place over SSL tunnels for added security
  • All data is held in Irish data centres on our servers
  • We do not outsource our storage, or your data

We are available 24/7 in case of a disaster and our 24×7 Network Operations Centre team work inside one of our data centres and are available immediately in the event of an emergency to ensure that your recovery begins immediately.