02Nov 2017


Case Study: McDowell Purcell Solicitors – Online Disaster Recovery & Backup

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McDowell Purcell Case Study

When keeping sensitive data secure is paramount to your company, the unification of a seamless Backup and DR solution becomes the no.1 priority. Read about how Digital Planet implemented this solution for McDowell Purcell Solicitors.


Expansion of the business directly corresponded with the increase of data which was quickly out-growing traditional tape backup solutions. It also became apparent by McDowell Purcell that an offsite copy of the data was required, effectively doubling tape usage. McDowell Purcell aspired to reduce reliance on tape with a more modern online solution, while also ensuring the highest security of their clients’ data. Furthermore, the Dublin law firm wanted to implement a Disaster Recovery solution which, in the event of a disaster, would fully recover all data and enable McDowell Purcell to continue working with the minimal amount of disruption to their business.


Digital Planet recognised that the implementation of an Online Backup & DR solution was the most optimum avenue, for both protecting client data and streamlining recovery in the event of a disaster, from days to hours.  

This unification of a Backup and DR solution, together with the ability to run their systems from our managed Cloud, made Digital Planet not just the obvious choice but the only professional choice for McDowell Purcell.  

The Online DR system would allow the corporate law firm to limit their tape storage to quarterly archival data only, in return, giving them both a local backup solution and an offsite Cloud DR solution.


Digital Planet was successfully able to implement an online DR and Backup solutions, allowing: 

  • Reduction oftape usage to archival only
  • Local copy of backupsprovided
  • Online copy of backupsprovided
  • Assurance ofsecurity of backup data
  • Custom-builtDisaster Recovery solution

Digital Planet is continuously striving to provide us with the highest standards and this reflects in their service, as we have had several successful restores of critical data.

Ronan O’Farrell, McDowell Purcell
Ronan O’Farrell
Core Technology
  • Onsite Backup Server
  • Server Imaging Solution

Core Services
  • Server Imaging Solution
  • Backup Monitoring &
  • Reporting
  • Backup Replication to Cloud
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