21Mar 2019

If you want to know more about how your organisation will benefit from Private Cloud, talk to the Digital Planet team, Ireland’s ‘Cloud Partner of the Year 2018’
Why Enterprises Are Choosing Private Cloud

Gartner’s latest IT spending forecast shows that spending on cloud system infrastructure services (IaaS) will grow from $39.5 billion in 2019 to $63 billion through 2021. Our team has previously explored the many versions of cloud that can be implemented; the general advantages and challenges to each. Yet, private cloud remains the steady element in […]

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19Feb 2019

Digital Planet Will Be At TechLive 2019

Digital Planet will take part of the new TechLive event on Thursday 21st February at Croke Park.   Established by TechCentral.ie, the ICT event, ‘How the Business of ICT will be done‘ is a new hybrid channel presenting a host of IT solution providers and top technology vendors, distributors and resellers that are developing expertise […]

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13Feb 2019

Your Key to the Cloud Glossary by Digital Planet
Your Key to the Cloud: A Glossary Guide Part Two
Following the successful release of Digital Planet's Cloud Glossary 'Your Key to the Cloud', our team have brought you another instalment. The IT industry is awash with confusing jargon. If you're not directly working with tech or part of an IT team, most don't understand common phrases. Like law, IT has adopted its own line [...]
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09Jan 2019

Barriers to Cloud Culture Adoption
4 Cloud Culture Barriers That Companies Face & Why

Cloud computing is no longer the new kid on the block. Edge computing has usurped the title as its edgy new counterpart.   Or dare we say it; block chain, has blazed through 2017 and 2018, predicted as the second (digital) coming. Yet, Cloud wasn’t forgotten. Rather it became one of many options to choose […]

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06Nov 2018

HEAnet National Conference 2018 with Evros
We will be at this year’s HEAnet National Conference in Galway!
Cloud, Events, In the News by Digital Planet

As part of the Evros Technology Group, Digital Planet will be part of this year’s HEAnet National Conference in Galway.   The two-day event (7-9 November 2018) which will be held at The Galmont Hotel is set to explore the latest developments in networking technology and services for the research and education community. Driven to deliver Common, […]

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04Oct 2018

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule
What is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule and Why Your Company Needs It

Every company should have a backup. It’s like buying insurance for your commercial property, but for your data.   Backup will ensure your data is fully copied and sent to a secondary site, virtually and physically away from your primary data pool. This is done in the event of a disaster at which in that […]

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15Aug 2018

What Level of Cloud Managed Services Does Your Business Need?
Cloud by Digital Planet

The harsh reality of unplanned cloud adoption and poor oversight has led to higher spending, disappointing return on investment, and environments that have become more difficult to manage. If your business has embraced the cloud movement, now is the time to understand what resources you need to manage it. What is Cloud Managed Services? Cloud […]

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02Aug 2018

Your Key to the Cloud: A Glossary Guide

  Have you ever come across a Cloud term that you needed to Google? Or when speaking to a technical professional, do you find yourself smiling and nodding without full understanding?  This ever-changing IT industry is constantly churning up new terminology. In fact, these turns of phrases have evolved into their very own language and […]

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18Jul 2018

The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration
The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration

Confused about cloud migration? There are many ways to make the move towards the cloud. And despite what many providers will claim, your cloud infrastructure is inherently unique and will always need a level of customisation. Perhaps it would be helpful for you have some information on how to approach a cloud migration or cloud […]

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27Jun 2018

TechPro June Issue: Hybrid Cloud Opportunity to reassess IT

“Hybrid cloud is facilitating digital transformation, both internally and outward facing to customers,” said Joe Brady, CIO, Evros Technology Group. This what Evros CIO Joe Brady examined at last month’s cloud event which was held in conjunction with Equinix. The ecosystem of services available, continued Brady, was allowing providers and technology partners to ask clients […]

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28May 2018

cloud partner of the year award
Digital Planet wins ‘Cloud Partner of the Year’ at Tech Excellence Awards
Cloud, Company, In the News by Digital Planet

Digital Planet has won the award for ‘Cloud Partner of the Year’ at this year’s Tech Excellence Awards. The competition was stiff as the Evros brand, Digital Planet, shared the shortlisted category for ‘Cloud Partner’ with Applied Systems, Codec, Ergo, vCloud.ie and Viatel. There was a further win that evening as Evros Technology Group picked up the […]

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17May 2018

Evros launches Ireland’s first Azure Stack Programme
Cloud by Digital Planet

Evros Technology Group is launching the Azure Stack ‘Proof of Technology’ Programme, the first provider to bring this to market in Ireland. In conjunction with Microsoft, Dell EMC and Digital Planet, Evros will make the Azure Stack programme available to its current customers on a trial basis. This offering will allow enterprises the opportunity to experience […]

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27Apr 2018

hybrid cloud event
Evros to host Hybrid Cloud event at the Aviva

Evros Technology Group will be part of a TechFire event which will be held next month. Hosted in partnership with Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data centre and colocation provider and coordinated by TechFire, the free morning event will be held on Thursday 17th May at the iconic Aviva Stadium. What’s on the agenda? TechFire, […]

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12Apr 2018

Virtual Desktop for SMEs
4 Reasons why Virtual Desktop is best for SMEs

As enterprise cloud is set to eclipse the traditional on-site infrastructure setup, another as a Service contender is beginning to grow very popular amongst small to medium businesses. Virtual Desktop offers a whole host of benefits in tandem with cloud virtual infrastructure when compared to the traditional desktop.   What is Virtual Desktop?   Virtual […]

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21Mar 2018

This is how to choose your Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud has become the bedrock of digital business. Or so you’ve heard from the millions of cloud-adopting SMEs, larger organisations, global corporations and the entire IT industry the world over. Yet, you can’t deny that cloud has entirely restructured our online commercial infrastructure which has left many wondering, ‘Why am I not in the […]

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15Nov 2016

Getting Under The Covers
Getting Under The Covers
Cloud, Company, In the News by Digital Planet

Managed services are no longer the great unknown but site visits to service providers should still be a must, says Hugh Dawson of Evros Technology Group. Companies are starting to embrace managed services more than ever before. “The term no longer represents an unknown for organisations” .

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06Oct 2016

4 reasons why VDI is back and it’s here to stay
Cloud, Events, Virtual Desktop-VDI by Digital Planet

We have seen a huge growth in customers taking desktop and application virtualisation from a remote access technology to a mainstream desktop delivery platform. Virtual Desktop adoption rate and pervasive use by enterprise customers has increased dramatically.

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08Jun 2016


Digital Future in Forestry
A Digital Future in Forestry
Cloud, Company, In the News by Digital Planet

  When forestry business Coillte decided to update its ICT infrastructure, it turned to outsourcing with Digital Planet Sean Kennedy, transformation programme director at Coillte, said the organisation faced challenges beyond those of the normal financial, HR and ERP-type applications. One of these is the scope of Coillte’s business. “Coillte Forest has some very specific […]

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30May 2016

Momentum Summit
Momentum Summit
Cloud, Events, In the News by Digital Planet

Momentum Summit The Momentum Summit, a one day event organised by Dublin Chambers and held in the Aviva Stadium on 20th May, gave attendees the opportunity to hear from a wide range of speakers across a broad spectrum of businesses at various stages of maturity. Evros Technology held two stands at the event, one focused […]

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11May 2016


Cloud Adoption Accelerating
Cloud, Company, In the News by Digital Planet

We are reaching the stage where cloud computing is the first choice for IT decision-makers. Brian Larkin of Digital Planet explains why Since cloud technologies first appeared on the radar in 2008 and 2009, it has been heralded as the most transformative technology service seen in the IT world for a number of years. However, […]

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