04Oct 2018

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule
What is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule and Why Your Company Needs It

Every company should have a backup. It’s like buying insurance for your commercial property, but for your data.   Backup will ensure your data is fully copied and sent to a secondary site, virtually and physically away from your primary data pool. This is done in the event of a disaster at which in that […]

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31Aug 2018

data availability
What You Need to Know About Data Availability: An Overview
The time for managing your data with greater intelligence is here. In December, Gartner, Inc. forecasted worldwide enterprise security spending to total $96.3 billion in 2018, stating awareness of emerging threats and the evolution to a digital business strategy as main factors. As companies become more data aware, here are the five key questions that [...]
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12Jun 2018

How to Improve Your Disaster Recovery Response
How to Improve Your Disaster Recovery Response
Disaster Recovery by Digital Planet

Storm Emma was a wake-up call on just how integral Disaster Recovery has become for many enterprises. Many Disaster Recovery plans were tested by the impact of the storm; some crumbled under the gale because of power failures, flooding and structural damage, resulting in business critical IT system failures. We know that a loss of […]

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