12Apr 2018

Virtual Desktop for SMEs
4 Reasons why Virtual Desktop is best for SMEs

As enterprise cloud is set to eclipse the traditional on-site infrastructure setup, another as a Service contender is beginning to grow very popular amongst small to medium businesses. Virtual Desktop offers a whole host of benefits in tandem with cloud virtual infrastructure when compared to the traditional desktop.   What is Virtual Desktop?   Virtual […]

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06Oct 2016

4 reasons why VDI is back and it’s here to stay
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We have seen a huge growth in customers taking desktop and application virtualisation from a remote access technology to a mainstream desktop delivery platform. Virtual Desktop adoption rate and pervasive use by enterprise customers has increased dramatically.

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27Dec 2011


vdi solutions
VDI Solutions
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VDI Solutions Desktop computing, while a core technology in business, can come at high operational costs in IT support, maintenance and business downtime and interruption. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) brings virtualisation to the desktop environment providing a lower TCO, improved manageability and control while maintaining the user experience.

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