04Jun 2013



Top Information Security Standards at Digital Planet

Certifications by Digital Planet


Digital Planet have recently been awarded ISO 27001 certification from Certification Europe for Information Security Management. This is a significant step for the Irish Cloud provider in establishing the company as the leading Enterprise Cloud Solutions provider in the market.

Information Security on Cloud Platforms should be the number one priority for all providers and our infrastructure and services were designed with this as our primary deliverable. This certification provides us with independent verification of our internal standards and also provides our customers with assurance that their data and systems are being managed to the highest security standards available.

Certification at this level is a detailed program spanning a 9 month period with a numerous reviews and audits carried out by Certification Europe. In preparation for audit and certification, we more fully developed our processes and procedures around the handling of data. While we had sufficient technical controls in place from the outset, we did achieve improvement in our policies and our procedures through the process of preparing for certification. Maintaining the certification also formalises the requirement for us to continuously improve.

Cloud computing raises security concerns with many people. This is very understandable as the majority of cloud providers are relatively new companies and their standards of operation can vary drastically.

We have always benefited v.s. other providers from providing our customers with transparency into our security controls and practices and achieving ISO 27001 certification serves to reinforce this differentiator and enhance our company’s reputation as the premier Enterprise Cloud Solutions provider in the Irish market.

All of our employees are educated in the importance of security and on security standards in place within Digital Planet. They contribute on a daily basis to maintain these standards through a wide range of activities; from using formal change control procedures, to ensuring all data to be transported is always fully encrypted, and many actions in-between.

Looking to the future, we already have plans to move to provide further support for customers with PCI requirements, and have our infrastructure certified as meeting PCI DSS payment security standards.


ISO Certified

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