18Jul 2018


The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration

The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration

Confused about cloud migration? There are many ways to make the move towards the cloud.

And despite what many providers will claim, your cloud infrastructure is inherently unique and will always need a level of customisation. Perhaps it would be helpful for you have some information on how to approach a cloud migration or cloud transformation.

Here are the 10 key steps of Cloud Migration, which briefly outlines what happens when a company decides to move to the cloud:

  1. Discovery of your applications, how they group together, what the business owner expectations are, and start to fully understand your infrastructure environment. A performance benchmark should be created for your environment.
  2. Evaluate Security, Governance and Compliance.
  3. Design the cloud solution based on the discovery output.
  4. Deploy or pivot your cloud infrastructure based on the solution design and your requirements.
  5. Connect the customer site with secure network connectivity, such as MPLS, VPN or HTTPS.
  6. Network Extension if required with solutions like VXLAN or OTV as described in Networking.
  7. Configure Replication technologies such as Zerto, vMotion, vSphere Replication or Veeam to replicate your infrastructure based on application or migration groupings.
  8. Migrate during specified maintenance windows for minimal business downtime and performance test against the benchmark created during discovery.
  9. Handover to the cloud support team and decommissioning old infrastructure.
  10. Early-Life Support from our project team will remain in place until the business owners and support teams have signed off on their areas of responsibility.

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If you’re still considering what type of cloud your company should choose, read more about the main pillars of Enterprise Cloud here.

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