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Understanding IT

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Cloud Computing

Understanding IT

At its core, Cloud Computing is a simple concept that is made up of many existing technologies and approaches that are probably already familiar to you.

Unlike other significant advances in computing, Cloud is not concerned with providing new and specialised technology, but in providing a new way for you to access and use existing technologies.

When discussing IT Infrastructure, we typically express our requirements as Servers, Storage, Tape Drives etc.  In fact our actual requirements should be expressed as CPU, RAM, Gb/Tb.

The Cloud allows users to think in these terms and to express (and therefore pay for) the computing resources they need more accurately.

So why does everyone seems to be talking about Cloud Computing now?

Two innovations have made cloud a realistic and practical proposition – Virtualisation and the provision of a widespread, stable and resilient broadband network.

The ability to create 20 virtual servers on one physical server allowed for higher computing density and this is what Cloud providers use to deliver cost effective services.  There would be no point in having these services if customers cannot access them so the availability of resilient and affordable broadband makes Cloud Computing a real alternative for organisations of all sizes.

Critically, Cloud changes the financial implications of enterprise IT by allowing organisations to rent exactly what they need on a monthly basis instead of spending large sums up front to acquire this same computing capability.

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