12Apr 2018


4 Reasons why Virtual Desktop is best for SMEs

Virtual Desktop for SMEs

As enterprise cloud is set to eclipse the traditional on-site infrastructure setup, another as a Service contender is beginning to grow very popular amongst small to medium businesses. Virtual Desktop offers a whole host of benefits in tandem with cloud virtual infrastructure when compared to the traditional desktop.

What is Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a Service is a Desktop virtualization solution that allows you to deliver desktops to end users without having to invest upfront in infrastructure. Ranging from a single application to ends, to non-persistent desktops that are reset when a user logs out or fully dedicated virtual desktop per user, the flexibility for customers is extensive.

The solution includes full self-service capabilities through a web portal, which provides system administrators with control and peace of mind when a user has a support request. Alternatively, the solution can be fully managed, providing support to end users. Virtual Desktop extends the possibilities for organisations ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. It is the ideal accompaniment to cloud-hosted infrastructure as well as streamlining your office IT.

Yet, why exactly is Virtual Desktop the right choice for small to medium businesses? Here are four main reasons why you should consider Virtual Desktop:


For many, the cost of investing in substantial infrastructure is the flashpoint between profit and loss. Naturally, small and medium enterprises court conservative margin lines and if their business is successful, it is normally because they know how to get the best return on investment.

With low-entry costs per user per month, companies see significant savings from the get-go with Virtual Desktop. Virtual Desktop also forgoes the need for a full IT team as there is no requirement for infrastructure instalment or maintenance.

TIP: Digital Planet delivers all management, monitoring and support within its Virtual Desktop service and reports on this monthly. This is beneficial during the uncertain start-up period or businesses with seasonal employees or high turnover.


Another reason why enterprises of all shapes and sizes flock to Virtual Desktop is to address security concerns. When GDPR rears its head near the end of May, the onus is on organisations to lock down sensitive data. Virtual Desktop offers data centralisation, meaning company data is stored securely in a specified data centre and not on-site where there is increased risk of a data breach. The Virtual Desktop service and supporting data centres are fully ISO 27001 compliant.

TIP: We deliver our Virtual Desktop from Tier 3+ data centres across Ireland, UK and the US so you’re given the highest standard of security in your required data centre location or locations. Why not utilise our Disaster Recovery options too in the event of disaster?

Workforce Mobility

As the working landscape changes, employee mobility now sits high on the employer’s agenda. IT talent will follow work flexibility and Virtual Desktop delivers just that. How? Virtual Desktop can be used in low-bandwidth locations, which speeds up user workloads and keeps cost down. There is no need for MPLS or VPNs, just a reasonable internet connection. Again, savings on infrastructure investment and freedom of mobility.

NOTE: Virtual Desktop will also suit companies that employ high numbers of contractors. This allows virtual desktops to be spun up and down as needed. Virtual Desktop in conjunction with services such as Office365 allows team members to share and collaborate on files quickly and easily.

TIP: Digital Planet can cater for companies that need to provide access to a corporate Windows desktops or apps to employees using non-standard end-points such as tablets, smartphones or thin clients.

Hardware Depreciation

Has your kit depreciated since its initial investment? Cloud has come a long way and options are now wide open to leave your physical infrastructure behind. We have found that many companies are still running legacy operating systems like Windows XP. Organisations can avoid the immediate capital expenditure required to upgrade all PCs or laptops to a current OS when they can serve Windows 7, 8 or 10 experience through Virtual Desktops utilising old hardware.

Are you considering moving to Virtual Desktops? Digital Planet will enable your mobile workforce with a superior Virtual Desktop built for your business needs. For more information, visit Digital Planet today.