15Aug 2018


What Level of Cloud Managed Services Does Your Business Need?

Cloud by Digital Planet

The harsh reality of unplanned cloud adoption and poor oversight has led to higher spending, disappointing return on investment, and environments that have become more difficult to manage.

If your business has embraced the cloud movement, now is the time to understand what resources you need to manage it.

What is Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud Managed Services delivers solutions right up the entire IT stack that will fill the gaps in your IT infrastructure. As advances continue to emerge in the Cloud, the ability to easily bolt-on additional IT support and solutions suited to your specific digital environment, become critical to the survival of your cloud environment.

What are the benefits of Cloud Managed Services?

Immediately, one would guess that cost and resource savings are the primary gains of Cloud Managed Services, which is correct.

Here are a few more gains you should also consider:

  • Monthly subscription costs
  • Leading technology infrastructure
  • Up-to-date software & licensing
  • Capacity to scale the team in busy periods
  • Absenteeism and back-fill cover
  • Far fewer administration costs
Here’s an overview of the Cloud Managed Services that you need to consider for your business needs:

 Cloud Managed Services

Are you considering Cloud Managed Services for your business?

A consultative-led approach is best to determine whether it’s the right solution for your organisation. As ‘Cloud Partner of the Year 2018’, Digital Planet has the proven ability to deliver technology management solutions backed by:

  • Two Network Operations Centres (NOC) at our on-site headquarters and a second location in a Tier 3+ data centre
  • Outsourced Service Desk tailored to reporting requirements
  • Cloud consultancy
  • High availability SLAs
  • Software licensing management portal
  • Over 150 engineers at your disposal
  • ISO27001-accredited
  • Multiple monitoring solutions with issue alerting for all IP-enabled devices

Interested in exploring Cloud Managed Services? Speak with the Digital Planet team today.