13Feb 2019


Your Key to the Cloud: A Glossary Guide Part Two

Your Key to the Cloud Glossary by Digital Planet

Following the successful release of Digital Planet’s Cloud Glossary ‘Your Key to the Cloud’, our team have brought you another instalment.

The IT industry is awash with confusing jargon. If you’re not directly working with tech or part of an IT team, most don’t understand common phrases. Like law, IT has adopted its own line of ‘legalese’ (the specialised language of the legal profession). IT lingo is a blend of acronyms and sometimes reclaimed phrases from other areas of life. So it’s natural to speak to a technical professional and not fully understand what they’re saying. Google is often a help but unless you’re furiously writing down the conversation, it’s good to have a centralised hub of IT definitions at hand.

Here’s a useful cloud glossary which include quick-fire definitions around edge computing, big data and computer clusters. We chose the following phrases as some we feel are often heard or read on social media feeds or media outlets, but have not been explained. While others terms could be completely foreign to your IT vocabulary. If you have any other confusing tech terminology that you want to share, feel free to contact the team. The next cloud glossary will feature more advanced terms that we hope will help you on your digital journey.

Click on the Cloud Glossary image below to download your copy.

Cloud Glossary

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