05Sep 2013



Our Team Built on Excellence

Company by Digital Planet
Our team built on excellence

Our team built on excellence

Our team built on excellence: It is Digital Planet’s team of young professionals that enable our Enterprise Cloud solutions centre of excellence. This group of experts take a personal pride in the standards they deliver. We have always retained the advantage of providing our customers with transparency into our security controls and practices. Achieving ISO27001 certification serves to reinforce this differentiator and enhance our company’s reputation as the premier Enterprise Cloud Solutions provider in the Irish market. All of our employees are educated in the importance of security and on security standards in place within Digital Planet. They contribute on a daily basis to maintain these standards through a wide range of activities; from using formal change control procedures, to ensuring all data to be transported is always fully encrypted, and many actions in-between. The technology team, led by chief technology officer Joe Brady excels in designing and implementing Digital Planet Cloud solutions

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