01Sep 2011



Attending National Outsourcing Summit 2011?

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National Outsourcing Summit

Brian Larkin, Operations Director of Digital Planet will be a leading expert speaker at this year’s National Outsourcing Summit.  Brian will be speaking about “Cloud Computing: embrace the revolution without losing your head” and cover the following points:

• Evaluating the business case for Cloud Computing.
• What are the technology requirements and the cost to the client of moving to a ‘Cloud Provider’?
• What are the key criteria in procuring a Cloud provider?
• What are the cloud provider pricing models that the public sector organisations can expect?
• What contract ‘models’ best suit Cloud Computing?

The National Outsourcing Summit 2011 will take place on Wednesday 21st September at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. The Conference will provide you with important information on the strategic direction that outsourcing and Cloud Computing is taking.

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