12Jan 2012



SaaS Consultancy

SAAS, Services by Digital Planet
SaaS Consultancy

Meet our services series – SaaS

Digital Planet are one of the very few cloud providers in the country that are fully signed up to SPLA (Software Provider Licensing Agreements) for

  • Microsoft
  • VMWare

This means that Digital Planet can deliver all software solutions available from Microsoft and VMWare on a monthly licensing basis with no requirement for up-front capital costs of the software or even installation costs.

SaaS is the simple way to use the software you need. You decide on what Software you require to operate your business and we deploy this software to your Cloud Environment, and charge on a monthly basis for its use.

Future Developments

Our Road map for SaaS is also simple. We aim to extend this service to include licences from all major software vendors as well as from every Irish Software Solution in the market. Watch this space for future announcements.

Contact Us:

Tel: 1890 998 000
Email: info@www.digitalplanet.ie

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