20Jan 2012




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Customer Relationships

The key to our success is our Customer Relationships. We want you to view us as partners, not just a supplier, and everything we do is designed with this in mind.  If we work together to solve your technical challenges, then we will be even more successful as a team.

Your success is important to us.  We take pride in being the best we can be and doing everything we can to ensure that success.

But, because this is a partnership (team work) between us and our clients, we insist that our clients test their databases, applications and software in our Cloud environment before going live.  There are several reasons for this approach, where the basic approach is that we want to make sure that the solution work, but more importantly, make sure the solution lives up to our client’s expectations.

We provide our solution free of charge for customers who wish to do such testing.  In addition, we provide professional services consultants to assist in this testing phase.

Our objective is satisfied clients. To achieve this we aim to over deliver on expectations and to work closely with our clients.

Customer confidence is difficult to obtain and easy to lose.  To avoid this happening, we work tirelessly to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

Contact us knowing that if you do become a client of Digital Planet, we will work hard to deliver a solution that will meet your needs better than any other provider in the marketplace.

Hope to talk to you!

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