13Feb 2019

Your Key to the Cloud Glossary by Digital Planet
Your Key to the Cloud: A Glossary Guide Part Two
Following the successful release of Digital Planet's Cloud Glossary 'Your Key to the Cloud', our team have brought you another instalment. The IT industry is awash with confusing jargon. If you're not directly working with tech or part of an IT team, most don't understand common phrases. Like law, IT has adopted its own line [...]
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09Jan 2019

Barriers to Cloud Culture Adoption
4 Cloud Culture Barriers That Companies Face & Why

Cloud computing is no longer the new kid on the block. Edge computing has usurped the title as its edgy new counterpart.   Or dare we say it; block chain, has blazed through 2017 and 2018, predicted as the second (digital) coming. Yet, Cloud wasn’t forgotten. Rather it became one of many options to choose […]

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02Aug 2018

Your Key to the Cloud: A Glossary Guide

  Have you ever come across a Cloud term that you needed to Google? Or when speaking to a technical professional, do you find yourself smiling and nodding without full understanding?  This ever-changing IT industry is constantly churning up new terminology. In fact, these turns of phrases have evolved into their very own language and […]

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18Jul 2018

The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration
The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration

Confused about cloud migration? There are many ways to make the move towards the cloud. And despite what many providers will claim, your cloud infrastructure is inherently unique and will always need a level of customisation. Perhaps it would be helpful for you have some information on how to approach a cloud migration or cloud […]

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27Jun 2018

TechPro June Issue: Hybrid Cloud Opportunity to reassess IT

“Hybrid cloud is facilitating digital transformation, both internally and outward facing to customers,” said Joe Brady, CIO, Evros Technology Group. This what Evros CIO Joe Brady examined at last month’s cloud event which was held in conjunction with Equinix. The ecosystem of services available, continued Brady, was allowing providers and technology partners to ask clients […]

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21Mar 2018

This is how to choose your Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud has become the bedrock of digital business. Or so you’ve heard from the millions of cloud-adopting SMEs, larger organisations, global corporations and the entire IT industry the world over. Yet, you can’t deny that cloud has entirely restructured our online commercial infrastructure which has left many wondering, ‘Why am I not in the […]

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