18Jul 2018

The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration
The 10 Key Steps of Your Cloud Migration

Confused about cloud migration? There are many ways to make the move towards the cloud. And despite what many providers will claim, your cloud infrastructure is inherently unique and will always need a level of customisation. Perhaps it would be helpful for you have some information on how to approach a cloud migration or cloud […]

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27Apr 2018

hybrid cloud event
Evros to host Hybrid Cloud event at the Aviva

Evros Technology Group will be part of a TechFire event which will be held next month. Hosted in partnership with Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data centre and colocation provider and coordinated by TechFire, the free morning event will be held on Thursday 17th May at the iconic Aviva Stadium. What’s on the agenda? TechFire, […]

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12Apr 2018

Virtual Desktop for SMEs
4 Reasons why Virtual Desktop is best for SMEs

As enterprise cloud is set to eclipse the traditional on-site infrastructure setup, another as a Service contender is beginning to grow very popular amongst small to medium businesses. Virtual Desktop offers a whole host of benefits in tandem with cloud virtual infrastructure when compared to the traditional desktop.   What is Virtual Desktop?   Virtual […]

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