06Oct 2016


4 reasons why VDI is back and it’s here to stay

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At Evros, we have seen a huge growth in customers taking desktop and application virtualisation from a remote access technology to a mainstream desktop delivery platform.

Whilst Virtual Desktop has been around for many years, the adoption rate and pervasive use by enterprise customers has increased dramatically over the last 2 years.

From our experience the most likely reasons for this are:

1. Helps solve the Mobility / Security Conundrum

IT security and usability are generally on two opposing sides of the same scales, as security increases, usability decreases.  This can be most pronounced for mobility solutions.

Virtualised Desktops and Applications provide a happy compromise where security can be ensured, and usability is consistent across a user Desktop PC or mobile device.

2. Brings operational efficiency

Virtual Desktop reduces the effort required to support and manage desktop environments. Effort for OS application patching and deployment are greatly reduced.

Deskside support is virtually eliminated and standardisation of deployment is increased.

This solution also facilitates near immediate desktop delivery, mapping to the instant-on demands frequently requested of IT for new starters or replacement devices.

3. The costs have come down

Infrastructure costs for Virtual Desktop delivery are now more manageable and deterministic leading to stronger business cases.

Flash based storage solutions have taken the risk and complexity out of infrastructure design for VDI.

Technologies such as Session Virtualisation, Application Layering and Profile Management have allowed more desktops to be delivered on less infrastructure.

4. As A Service is available

Evros through our Cloud Platform Digital Planet have launched Desktop as a Service (DaaS). We are not alone!. We have seen great interest and strong adoption of this model.

This allows customers to garner the benefits of VDI without any effort to design and deploy, or any upfront capital expenditure, only paying on a per user per month basis for Desktops.

So in summary virtual desktop and application delivery solutions are now more effective, affordable and achievable than ever before.


If you would like to hear more on the topic why not join us at one of our VDI events:

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Time: 8:00 – 9:30am
Location: Hibernia House, Cherrywood Business Park, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Time: 8:00 – 9:30am
Location: Hayfield Manor Hotel, Perrott Avenue, College Road, Cork City, Ireland
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More information can be found at: events.evros.ie