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VDI Solutions

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vdi solutions

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VDI Solutions

Desktop computing, while a core technology in business, can come at high operational costs in IT support, maintenance and business downtime and interruption.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) brings virtualisation to the desktop environment providing a lower TCO, improved manageability and control while maintaining the user experience. VDI virtualises desktop images that can be deployed from a centralised host.

VDI provides the end user with a virtual PC identical to their current PC except for the fact that all files are stored centrally and can be accessed no matter where your user is based.


Delivering VDI

Without doubt, VDI delivers TCO benefits, increased security and efficiency within an organisation.Digital Planet makes VDI even more attractive by removing  the need for upfront capital expenditure.  By allowing you to effectively rent the infrastructure you need, the Digital Planet one stop VDI solution delivers real ROI immediately, as well as providing you with all the benefits of VDI:

  • Lower desktop management costs
  • Rapid rollout of desktop services to users whenever they are required
  • Improved security of Data
  • Significantly reduced need for end user support
  • Extended useful life of end user hardware – reducing replacement costs


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