Complete DDoS Protection

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can crash any site by overloading the server with traffic from multiple bot nets or ‘zombie’ machines.

The attack can come from anyone, based anywhere around the world.


Digital Planet Protection as Standard

The entire Digital Planet infrastructure is protected by a DDoS attack detection and mitigation system, handling volumetric attacks at the network layer to ensure that any potential attack against a system on our infrastructure cannot impact the entire environment. Volumetric attacks send a high amount of traffic, or request packets, to a targeted network in an effort to overwhelm its bandwidth capabilities. These attacks work to flood the target in the hopes of slowing or stopping their services. Digital Planet protects against these with a combination of on-premise protection appliances and a redirection facility to cloud-based scrubbing centres.


DDoS Protection
The Next Level of DDoS Defence


If you want targeted protection that is specifically configured to your environment, our DDoS Protection Services delivers multi-layered defence that is optimised for all types of online business and data centre protection. Our advanced DDoS protection service can help shield your business from both volumetric and non-volumetric attacks; SYN flood attacks, low and slow attacks, HTTP floods, and SSL-based attacks with automated protection against certain incident cases.


Don’t let DDoS get the better of your company – get 360° protection with Digital Planet today.

DDoS Protection Features:

  • Smart SSL Attack Mitigation keeps user data confidential and remains fully encrypted
  • Automatically generates protection for zero-day and unknown attacks based on baselines of normal network, application, and user behaviour
  • Behavioural-based detection of in-depth traffic analyses multiple parameters to determine the degree of anomaly
  • Defence messaging shares real-time information on normal traffic baselines, protections and attack footprints, eliminating blind spots across your network
  • Dedicated ‘scrubbing’ centres that segregate clean traffic from volumetric attack traffic
  • Optional end-to-end managed service that includes the on-premise device in an OPEX-based subscription model

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