Disaster Recovery Solutions

Why is Disaster Recovery important?

With the continued growth of your business resources, any loss of data can jeopardise your entire livelihood. It’s important to implement a trusted disaster recovery options that will keep your data intact. Digital Planet delivers data recovery to an exceptionally secure and well-managed cloud environment, in the event of a disaster. Do you need to recover business files, a single VM, or the entire environment? Our fully-managed replication will address your physical and virtual systems, supports co-location and also delivers cloud-based backup. With a slate of industry accolades and partnerships with the leaders in DR technology, we’re committed to exceeding your DRaaS expectations. Don’t wait for disaster to strike – implement your tailored DR solution with Digital Planet today.

Disaster Recovery at a glance

  • Image, block or SAN level replication
  • Tier3+ data centre facilities in DR environment
  • 2048 bit SSL tunnels for encrypted data replication to our datacentre
  • Options to connect client production and DR environments via Layer 2 or Layer 3 links
  • Failover with multiple point-in-time recovery points, utilising a ‘forever incremental’ mentality
  • Provision of managed compute under the governance of ISO27001 for the duration of a DR event
  • Provision of high speed managed internet connectivity under the governance of ISO27001 for the duration of a DR event
  • Assisted planned DR test every 12 months
  • 24×7 support for connectivity and performance assistance
  • Standard Service reporting on all request fulfilments and incidents

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Digital Planet has developed complementary offerings for organisations to safeguard data and services.

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