Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Why consider Hybrid Cloud?

What does Hybrid Cloud mean for you? A combination of on-premise infrastructure and cloud services? Or maybe a blend of private and public cloud? Perhaps your organisation needs a mixture of IaaS, PaaS & SaaS? For us, Hybrid simply means a cloud environment which offers more freedom. Whatever your Hybrid cloud looks like, Digital Planet experts can guide you in achieving the most out of your systems, ensuring that the integrations between different components are seamless and secure. Bundle your Hybrid cloud solutions with bespoke on-demand storage, monitoring, networkback up, security and data protection services, fully optimised for your organisation’s needs.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting solutions

Hybrid at a glance:

  • Dedicated servers to host your data across multiple resilient Tier 3+ data centres throughout Ireland, UK and the US
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre support team
  • Resilient, synchronous connectivity to mesh bandwidth internet with load balancing
  • Access to consultancy with a highly-skilled team of solution architects

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