Managed IPS and IDS

Is Intrusion Detection & Prevention important?

The threat of intrusion grows each day as malicious online behaviour attempts to disrupt your network. Ensure your traffic is safe from potential harm. 

Choose leading network protection that detects and mitigates malicious activity in real-time with Digital Planet. Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) monitors your network traffic for unwanted threat vulnerability, whilst blocking the hazard to your business environment. Powered by the leading technologies, we can provide an immersive inspection of your environment for any serious security incidents in conjunction with our Firewall solution. Identify threat and effectively respond to today’s threat with Digital Planet’s IDPS solution.


Our IDPS Features

  • Simple deployment with rapid set-up and tailored system tuning
  • Delivers in-depth inspection and expert analysis of network traffic data enhancing custom risk prediction
  • Configures threat logs and automated real-time alerts 24x7x365
  • Full visibility of organisation’s internal security systems for regulatory compliance
  • Carries out predefined actions if something suspicious is detected such as drop traffic, block traffic, firewall reconfiguration, alleviate TCP/IP sequencing issues
  • 24×7 support for connectivity, security and performance assistance
  • Escalation of incidents and requests to our support team
  • Standard service reporting on all request fulfilments and incidents
Protect your business from malicious threat with Digital Planet today.