Critical visibility to benchmark your resources and server performance


Mission-critical systems need to be monitored around the clock in today’s climate. Too many variables of outside threat, legacy system errors and performance shortcomings can jeopardise your return on investment. Digital Planet delivers monitoring of your system’s availability and performance health, built-upon industry-based standards and protocols. Our customised monitoring of specific devices and applications alongside 24/7 support, allows you to stay on top of any incidents or potential risks to your environment. Real-time alerts enable our team to rapidly identify and remediate incidents, fully protecting your IT investments.


Planning for the future is important. Our in-depth analysis identifies areas for improvement, so you can clearly justify your professional recommendations and address your organisation’s unique IT needs. Digital Planet has established automated key processes, dramatically reducing manual configuration so we can focus on more mission-critical issues. Future-proof your assets with Digital Planet today – we deliver professional vigilance with efficient management and rapid response to your environment.


Monitoring Features

  • Full consultation, installation, configuration and monitoring of environment with customised reports
  • Monitoring all critical components such as workstations, servers, applications, websites, network services and devices, cloud services, routers, disk space, performance metrics, email, internet usage and security aspects
  • Extensible alert rules and protocols provide optimum flexibility and ease of use
  • Automatic alert escalation capabilities of incidents and requests to support team or third party if necessary
  • 24×7 Network Operations Centre support
  • Over 100 predefined best-practice management templates for immediate return on investment and reduces time spent researching optimal monitoring practices
  • Option to monitor at customer’s site based on industry-based best-practice monitoring policies
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