Multi-tenant Cloud Hosting

Why consider Multi-tenant Cloud?

Are you beginning your journey into the cloud, but hesitate to commit to extensive investment? Our multi-tenant cloud architecture holds a special differentiator from other forms of cloud; Digital Planet delivers the experience of a dedicated cloud without the cost. As multi-tenancy draws from our large pool of existing cloud resources, we can tailor your Multi-tenant cloud with compute, storage, networkback up, monitoring and DR protection, to suit your enterprise requirements. This eliminates the need for on-site infrastructure, support services and maintenance cost, freeing you from the confines of the traditional Capex model.


Concerned with cloud security issues and data protection?


Your business is assigned a separate virtual domain with a dedicated set of secure virtual LANs (VLANs) to connect your servers, and a dedicated firewall. Our design guarantees that your data, servers and network traffic never comes into contact with another customer. At Digital Planet you have the ability to select one or multiple data centre locations to meet your requirements with full resilient connectivity between them.

Multi-tenant Cloud Hosting

Multi-tenancy at a glance

  • Dedicated VLANs, firewall and storage provisioned per customer
  • Fully-manned 24/7 Network Operations Centre
  • Highly scalable and resilient environment stretched across multiple data centres
  • Efficient use of resources with the ability to scale on demand

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