Private Cloud Hosting

Why consider Private Cloud?

If your company demands the highest security standards paired with the assurances of constant availability, choose dedicated cloud architecture with Digital Planet. With private cloud, you benefit from a lower cost model compared to your traditional IT infrastructure, while knowing precisely where your data is stored. Leverage the agility, scalability, and efficiency of our enterprise-class private cloud for greater levels of resource control and flexibility.


Do you need to spin up and shut down servers on command? Digital Planet delivers dedicated compute, storage, monitoring, networkback up, and disaster recovery protection, which are built and designed to work with your specific application needs, utilising the latest cloud technologies. Searching for security in the cloud? Choose Digital Planet today to future proof the technological capabilities of your business.

private cloud solutions

Private Cloud at a glance

  • Private compute resources on dedicated hardware
  • Private or shared storage options on dedicated or shared hardware
  • Fully-isolated resilient networking options on dedicated or shared hardware
  • Integration with on-premise infrastructure for monitoring or management
  • ‘Burst’ capabilities into Digital Planet multi-tenant or public clouds

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