SIEM as a Service

Why is SIEM important for your business?

Vigilance across your network environment is crucial. Your business needs every opportunity to protect against the threat of data breach.


For this, you need complete visibility and control over your systems to implement a befitting data strategy. Digital Planet’s SIEM as a Service delivers this transparency across your whole environment. Powered by SIEM partner FortiNet, patented smart analytics engine deliver custom-built dashboards that will deeply probe your business-critical infrastructure. Monitor your assets 24/7, identify suspect activity, and be alerted to any potential data breach, under one single pane of glass. The Digital Planet team will set up and configure your system requirements to manage base-lined network security detection, performance and compliance standards. And for companies that need to adhere to the PCI DSS or ISO 27001 standards, enjoy the ease of use in which our solution can provide the mandatory records, such as reports and incident notifications. Don’t wait until your data is in jeopardy, discover full asset-visibility with Digital Planet.

SIEM as a Service

SIEM as a Service Features

  • Compiles analytics traditionally monitored in separate silos, parses and detects complex event patterns, handling larger number of rules in real-time for increased identification of irregular events
  • Cross-correlates analytics and events from all types of devices: firewalls, routers, switches, VPN gateways, wireless LAN devices, web security gateways, servers and IDPS
  • Identifies and alerts on security threats such as host scans, port scans, denied scans, sudden increase or decrease of traffic and incorrect credentials
  • User identity audit trail highlights users and their roles from on-premises repositories: Microsoft Active Directory and Open LDAP, or from Cloud SSO repositories such as OKTA
  • Default data retention of one year (which can be increased to your specific requirements) adheres to all minimum compliance standards
  • Maps the topology of both physical and virtual infrastructure, on-premises and cloud including system, hardware, software, running services, applications, storage, users, network etc
  • Highly flexible baselining with any set of keys and metrics and built-in, customisable triggers on statistical anomalies
  • Meets compliance requirements via instant alerting, long term archiving and retention of all events in a tamper proof format, admissible in court
  • Offers an availability guarantee, and a SLA covering uptime, time on delta between incident identification and notification, and performance of the analytics engine
  • 24/7 business support (via email and phone) delivered from our state of the art NOC in Cherrywood, manned by IT professionals
  • Out-of-the-box pre-defined reports supporting a wide range of compliance auditing and management needs

Does your business require SIEM? Speak with our team today.