Virtual Desktop

Access your desktop from any device at any time, anywhere?

Enable your mobile workforce with a superior online environment by Digital Planet. Our Virtual Desktop solutions rapidly deploys secure, stable and scalable VDs upon a fully-managed cloud infrastructure, delivering elastic provisioning of CPU and memory resources. Experience complete workspace mobility that centralises control over your business with Digital Planet today.

Virtual Desktop Solutions, Desktop as a Service

Digital Planet Virtual Desktop Solutions

Your fully-personalised virtual desktop maintains user settings and data. All settings, shortcuts, files and data are saved each time you log into the desktop.


Avail of our out-of-the-box preconfigured Virtual Desktop from the Digital Planet pool based on a single master image.


Integrate your on-premises directories with Azure AD, creating a common identity for your team to access both Cloud and your on-premise environment’s resources.

AD Connect

Features at a glance

  • 24×7 Fully managed, Citrix based virtual desktop solution
  • Online console that simplifies management of complex multi-tenancy and multi-network implementation
  • Customisable web panel for monitoring user sessions with specific alerts for VDI and applications
  • Access control facility requiring a combination of authentication methods – hardware fob, soft clients, email and password
  • Back up for all solutions
  • Service options for Application only, Session Hosted or full Virtual Desktop delivery
  • Update templates, add applications and create your user sessions with the availability to scale with ease.
  • Delivered from Tier 3+ data centres across Ireland, UK and the US
  • 24/7 support and assistance from the Digital Planet NOC
  • Move to a flexible, monthly subscription based model of desktop delivery, with per user per month pricing

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