Why choose VMware NSX?

Looking for granular security that complies with the highest industry standards?

Digital Planet allows you control over security policies for each individual workload with VMware NSX. Based on dynamic security groups, the NSX edition of the VM-Series firewall secures east-west communication in the software-defined data centre. Digital Planet can ensure immediate responses to threats inside the data centre and enforcement down to each virtual machine – irrespective of the workload’s network subnet or VLAN. Use NSX to help ensure and demonstrate compliant operations with many regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC, CJIS, DISA STIG etc.


VMware NSX Features

  • Distributed stateful firewalling embedded in the hypervisor kernel with support for Active Directory and activity monitoring
  • Automated firewall deployment for new ESXi users, allowing you to keep track of VM deployment in your data centre
  • Simple and flexible configuration to handle multiple traffic segmentation zones
  • Transparent security enforcement alerts you to changes in the virtual machines and applications, ensuring security policy stays in tandem with the changes in the network
  • Central management tool allows consistent policy management for both the perimeter and data centre firewalls (the hardware-based and virtual firewalls) and throughout the network
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