Web Application Firewall

Why does your business needs WAF?


No one should underestimate the gravity of a serious web attack. Without adequate cyber security, companies can be destroyed by malicious web traffic infiltrating customer identity and company data through system vulnerabilities. If a simple WAF had been implemented, breaches can be prevented.


What is WAF?

A Web Application Firewall will filter, monitor and block HTTP traffic to and from your web applications. But the real power of WAF is that it allows your business to customise the traffic that is permitted or denied access, to your applications. Reduce HTTP traffic threat that is disguised as genuine requests made to your site. Did you know, most of these attacks pass through traditional firewall unnoticed?


WAF is available in both physical and virtual solutions that prevent vulnerabilities, such as legacy types or insufficiently coded applications. So, what happens if you find a business-critical vulnerability that demands rapid response? WAF will act like a temporary patch that can be configured with special rule-sets for your web traffic. Digital Planet will install, configure and manage your WAF aligned to your organisations’ requirements. Our team will also sweep for unknown vulnerabilities on your infrastructure with initial penetration testing. This protection ensures that your data, and your customer’s data, remains secure.

Web Application Firewall

WAF Features

  • Managed installation, setup and configuration of WAF
  • Increased security of any specific web application to external attacks
  • Prevent attacks stemming from web application security flaws, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), broken authentication, file inclusion, and security misconfigurations
  • Customisable firewall allows only specific traffic entry to web application
  • 24×7 support for connectivity, security and performance assistance
  • Escalation of incidents and requests to the support team

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